Upholster Furniture Prices

Upholster Furniture Prices

If you bought a piece of furniture and you'd like to replace the fabric, or your current furniture has incurred wear and tear, then reupholstering might be the best route. Also, if you're having custom furniture built for you, the upholstery will be part of the project cost. It can be difficult to predict what the cost to upholster furniture will be for your specific pieces. The first step is to talk to a professional who can help you figure out the upholstery costs. Once you find a professional, then there are a few common factors that will affect the cost to upholster furniture.

Type of furniture

The cost to upholster furniture will depend a lot on the kind of furniture you have. Upholstering a sofa takes more material and more time than a love seat or chair, for example. Sometimes you might be able to bundle the labor costs by doing a whole set at the same time, but generally bigger pieces of furniture will increase the cost to upholster furniture over smaller ones.


The fabric you choose will also make a big impact on the cost to upholster furniture. There is a huge range of fabrics out there organized by durability, stain resistance, color and pattern. By keeping a budget in mind when looking for fabric, you might be able to keep the cost to upholster furniture down. You'll have to buy the fabric by the yard, so speak to the professional to get a good estimate of how much you will need.


Typically this kind of work is done in a shop and the furniture will need to be transported to and from your home. Usually this will be included in the cost to upholster furniture, but it's smart to check before you smart. You may avoid additional costs if the furniture is a small piece that you can moved on your own.

Existing condition

If you're reupholstering an existing piece, then the amount of damage or wear and tear will affect the cost to upholster furniture. The more work that needs to be done to restore it, the more expensive it will be.

Overall, the cost to upholster furniture will depend on the size and type of furniture as well as the fabric you choose. If you have children or pets, then investing in a stain resistant fabric will be worth the cost. Paying a lot for a silk cover might not be smart if it's just going to get ruined. But if you want a statement piece, then it might be completely worth the price.